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I travelled to Nepal and Bangkok with Penny and I took away the most amazing memories and photos that I will cherish for life. Penny was such a brilliant guide, she not only knew about the culture but showed me some amazing sites, with her wealth of knowledge and clear love for these destinations. My trip was meaningful, unforgettable, fun, and still definitely one of the best trips I have ever been on. If you are after an unforgettable adventure, then I can’t recommend Travel with Penny enough.

Wendy S

I was lucky to travel with Penny on a hosted trip to Bali and Thailand. We had a fantastic time exploring all those back street places Penny knows from many many years of doing her other business in these countries. Everything was made super easy by Penny, all I had to do was relax and enjoy my holiday. If you are thinking about doing a tour with her ,I highly recommend Penny's hosted tours, she has a wealth of knowledge and amazing networks in many parts of the world .


Review for Penny Betts

I was with a party of ladies who spent 10 days in Thailand with Penny. What a time we had! Penny knew where all the bargain shopping was & fantastic places to eat. We were advised on tours & the Tiger Temple was my particular favourite. Our accommodation was inexpensive, close to amenities & with a pool, just the thing to jump into after a hot, busy day. The night life was great too! …What happens in Thailand, stays in Thailand.

I loved every minute in Thailand with Penny & I wish her well in her next Destination Tour venture.

Cay Middleton

Wendy C

Several years ago I had the opportunity to join Penny Betts on a trip she had organized to Thailand and Bali. I had only traveled overseas once with my husband to Australia. Although I had a dream to travel to Thailand I was anxious about navigating language, culture and travel arrangements. Penny offered me the opportunity to join her group and as she organized all travel, accommodation and an itinerary I was able to look forward to the trip without stress or worry. Penny is an experienced traveler and very knowledgeable and was able to answered all our questions, explained all cultural expectations of us, and although we had plans each day, there was always a few hours free to enjoy our surroundings and shows/events we each wanted to see and do. I highly recommend Penny's tour packages and I look forward to traveling with her again in the future.

Olivia NZ

Yoga / Breathing Techniques


"I had my first one on one yoga class with Penny yesterday, it was fantastic! I have done previous yoga classes but have always struggled with my technique.Penny gave me helpful cues right through our session and made sure I was in the correct position plus lots of tips and helpful information to make sure I keep progressing with my training. The session flowed well, was in a relaxing environment and I left feeling relaxed but energized. I would definitely recommend her classes to anyone looking to improve in technique and truly feel the benefits yoga brings to the body and mind.Looking forward to my next class with her."

Linda NZ

Breathing / Mind Body Strategies


"I have taken a long time to write this testimony for Penny because I'm not actually sure how to put into words what I want to say. Penny is amazing at what she does, very intuitive and works with the body in beautiful ways that are suited for you. She also has a great worldly knowledge on so many things and just knows what to say at the perfect time. She is a kind, caring person and I would definitely recommend her to anyone."

Sharon NZ

Yoga / Breathing


"My partner and I recently attended a discovery yoga session with Penny and we came away so happy to have gone along. My partner was very nervous being his first time at yoga and he found Penny to be very patient and made him feel comfortable and relaxed. You can tell Penny has a wealth of knowledge on the subject and went through everything with ease. Can’t wait to continue on the journey with her."

Robyn Christchurch

I have benefited greatly from one-on-one yoga (6 sessions) with Penny. Although i have been to many yoga classes over the years, my practice has been inconsistent and I consider myself a beginner. With Penny i have made huge gains in moving from the yin yoga that suited me at this stage (64 years) to having the confidence to push myself forward. The breathing techniques she has taught me have enabled me to incorporate meditation into my practice. Penny's has a warm and relaxed vibe and seems tuned in to the particular poses my body needs and this has given me the confidence to carry out my daily yoga practice at home. I will definately be going back to Penny for one-on-one and classes in the future.

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